~Thats Why I Paint for Subway Dada~

Hey Friends!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I sure hope you are having a fantastic day. I got me my wine and I am so ready to PARTAY… even though I wok tomorrow (Please Cry for me). 

I saw this scene from Minimal at Epiphany and new I had to have it.  2k later I got it! Isnt it funny that Gacha creators know exactly how to make you spend all your linden in like 10 minutes. lol. THANK GOD you can trade it it for Epiphany points! I am eyeing that Booty Floaty from Bad Unicorn.. which you have probably realized by now is my favorite Designer. lol.

Oh Side Note! Bhad just announced they are looking for bloggers too! SO you should definitely apply!! Here is the link to their post on it! I am a little too new to be applying quite yet, but when i do you better believe I will be counting down the days until they are open Again!

Anyways i am sure you aren’t all about listening to me babble about my dream designers to blog for! And I think its funny how a post with no bad Unicorn became about Bad unicorn again. HAHAHA. 

Come and party with me tonight at EXHALE from 10 pm slt to 12 am SLT.. COME PARTAY!

Also if you ever wanna add me feel free. I like to think I am pretty chill and nice.. just be aware i do mass tp once a week. Also be prepared for like perverted sailor sassy talk… as that’s how I talk. hahaha————> Transsavannah Resident

Style Creds

Hair – DOUX – Ruby
Necklace – Kibitz – Bitch Necklace
Bracelet – Pure Poison – Cool Bracelets – GROUP GIFT
Outfit – Foxes – Victora @ Epiphany (GACHA)
Earings – [glow] studio – Etno Earrings
Tattoo – .Identity. –  Taras Garden
Septum – SECRETS – Nebula Septum
Rings – KATE – Boho Rings
Head/Applier – Genesis Lab –  Flor Bento head and Applier (GACHA)
Body – Maitreya – LAra

Set – MINIMAL – Illusions III RARE @ Epiphany (GACHA)

Keep it Classy(ish)




~Write About It In Your Tiny Notebook~

Hey Friends,

Haters are gonna hate and Taters and Gonna Potate. Sadly this is something that will always happen. 

When I joined SL that was one of the first things I noticed. People always seem to be yapping about someone else. I never fully understood this because I mean, we are all nerds just sitting at our computers wasting too much time and money on a Virtual reality.  I admit, i have partaken in some of this before, but one day I realized, WHY? And I didn’t have a reason. So I stopped. 

People often forget that Diversity is something that is good. People who aren’t like help you stand out and be unique. 

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that love that you are unique. People that love you for you. And remember. If they are talking about you, that means you are relevant enough that you matter. So let them talk, as that means they are jealous!



Style Creds

Hair- Exile – Lovefool @ Hairfair
Top –  Suicidal Unborn – Nap Queen Top hentai Inside
Skirt – Pixicat – Flirty Skirt Glitter
Stockings – Erratic – Delice Suspenders and Hosery
Boots – Candydoll – Esme Boots Black
Necklace – Kibitz – Bitch necklace
Choker – LAZYBONES – Spiker Choker black/Silver
Septum –SECRETS – Nebula Septum
Tattoo- Identity – Tara’s garden
Head/Appleir – Genesis lab (GACHA) – Flor Bento Mesh head and Applier
Body – Maitreya – Lara

Set – Bad Unicorn – B.A.D Backdrop Groupgift








~When You party Naked~


Hey Friends,

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PURSES! I Just love the dry sarcasm that Foxy put into the Clutches! I feel like they should be My Spirit Animals.

I initially was gonna have them all on the shelves with me posed but This one is my actual moto. So I had to be partying Naked just wearing some hella Cute Garbaggio Pumps and the Clutch!

Ofcourse who wouldn’t wanna sit Naked In this Super Cute Fuzzy Chair that is a Rare Gacha from The Horror! Also Special Shout out to Krescendo for always having the most epic neon Lights! You light up my soul!

Style Creds

Clutch – #Foxy – Misfits Clutch

-Hair- Truth -Cinnamon
-Shoes – Garbaggio – Vow Pumps
-Drink – Erratic – Home Drink Gacha – Margarita
-Head /Applier – Genesis Lab – Flor  Head and Apllier 
-Body – Maitreya


-Chair – The Horror! – Best Friends Forever Gacha – Fur Chair Rare
-Neon Light – Kresendo – Kinky Neon Gacha – 6 
-Flowers in pearls – David Heather – Cute Elegance Gacha – Pearl Vase Cream Rare
-Mannequin Head – David Heather – Cute Elegance Gacah – Mannequin Head
– Skull – TresBlah – Eclectic Collection Gacha – Skull w. Dark Roses
Shoe Clutter – Garbaggio – Shoe Addict Gacha – Shoe Clutter in Pink, Nude and Red




~Baby Don’t You Worry I Got You~

Hey Friends!

Meet Jeammy, pronounced ( Geee Me ) Or at least that’s how I say his name. He answers so I mean I am doing something right. lol. He is My Boyfriend, fellow gacha collector, partner in crime and Best Friend. 

We met almost a year ago He was always so sweet but he looked like a noob so I didn’t pay him any mind. lol. Then he got an Upgrade.. and that caught my attention and he has been mine ever since. LOL

He lives In Austria and that can make us hanging a bit harder as I am in Canada. But he is so sweet he gets up early every morning to at least say hello. 

In all Honesty he is the kindest person I know, he would bend over backwards for anyone. He is the type of guy that is genuinely nice. He had been there for me through thick and thin and had been there to help me up multiple times. And that’s what a relationship is about. Its not about the highs, its about how you work through the lows. 

Always make sure you find someone who asks noting of you but your company. Someone who makes your smile when you hear there voice. Someone who genuinely cares. Someone who will not judge you as you spend thousands on a Gacha, but when you don’t win it will play it a few more times hoping to get you that rare. 

And I found that with this Man.

Thank you Jeammy for letting me Drag you around while I Shop for shoes, gacha and Laundry Sets. Thank you for loving all the people that Love me and for being there when the dont. Thank you for dealing with me when I am drunk and Crazy, and Sober and boring. 

You are an amazing Man and there will always be room for your Veener Schnitzel to Try on your Deeemooows on my Balcowney. 

You are my Most valuable Rare 


Style Creds 


Hair – Little Bones – Lo
Bikini – Blueberry –  Adrianna @ Collabor88
Head/Appleir – Genesis Lab – Flor Head + Applier (GACHA)
Body – Maitreya

Hair – Modulus
Shorts – Fallen Angel Designs
Body – Slink
Head/Applier – Genesis Lab – Ethan Head + Applier(Gacha)

Bar – Bad Unicorn -Rum Bar @ Decocrate
Beware Sign – Floorplan.
Beer crates – Revival
Plants – Soy
Sting Lights – Roost








~Cause SL is a RAM HOG~

Hey Friends!

I sure hope you are having a FANTABULOUS Weekend! I plan On sitting here at My computer and indulging in some wine and laughing on Voice with a bunch of my good Judies!

Was inspired by this Epic AS F*CK Gacha from Le Primitif! I thought I would add a touch of reality and make sure I wasn’t wearing pants and I am not wearing any right now as its like hotter then hell outside!

Cheers and keep it classy!


~Style Creds~

Hair – Little Bones – Lo
Tank – TresBlah – Knotted Tank (Group Gift)
Socks – :PARKER: x KITJA  – Lexy Socks #14(Gacha)
Headset – Le Primitif – Gaming Headset (Gacha)

Gacha Decor from:
Le Primitif – Pro Gamer Gacha
Bueno- Floppy Disk – Trust No One
Little Bones – Not Today Gacha – Smoke Break
Erratic – The Cocktail Bar Gacaha – Whiskey, Whiskey Drink

Bad Unicorn x Birch – Mary Jane Gacha – Potted Plant
Peaches N Cream – The Co-Ed Slumber Party Gacha – Bunny Plush, DVD Stack




~Cause I Do What I Want~

I was not put on this earth for everyone to understand.

You not understanding me doesn’t make my entire existence irrelevant.

You not taking the time to get to know me is not my issue.

You choosing to be unaccepting of things that are different is your choice.

You choosing not to accept me for me is on you, not me.

My validity as a person is not based on your opinion.

Leave me out of your ignorance and hate.

I am too busy doing me and loving everyone for who they wanna be.



Style Creds


Hair – STEALTHIC – Paradox  @ Hairfair
Dress – Flowey/Stories&Co. – Choker Oversized Tee Pride (Group Gift!)
Glasses – Bens Beauty – Heart Sunglasses Sheer Pink
Cigar – Genesis Lab –  Cigar Habana Bento NO STICKER (GACHA)
Waterbottle – REIGN – Unicorn Water  Pink (GACHA)

Bad Unicorn – Skateboard (GroupGift)
Tres Blah – Record Player (Gacha)
Bueno – Cupcake Atm (GACHA) , RUG (GACHA) 
Half Deer – Curtains, Llama Companion (GACHA)
Fancy Decor – Yas and Thuglife Pillow (GACHA)
Boudoir – Paper Eiffel Tower (GACHA)
Razzberry Inc – RARE Cutiecorn Couch (GACHA)
Garbaggio – Shoe Clutter (GACHA)
Lost Junction – Extra Nutz Parlor Sign (GACHA)


Build – Onsu – Chateau Butternut


Thank you so Much for your Love and Thanks to the Designers for keeping me inspired






~sunshine state where the bomb-ass hemp be~


I really hope you are all having a fantastic Summer so far. happy belated 4th of July. I am assuming many of you are nursing a good hangover today and would love to jsut lay in the sun and relax!

I saw the new Pool from Summerfest from Australia and new I needed to do a post using it! I find that I keep being obsessed with everything she is making. lol. Her towel and Lip floating fitted the scene perfectly! I kinda wanted to do like a Marijuana Barbie type feel.

The bikini is Fromm a designers I just discovered at the Round of Cosmopolitan and it so Gorgi! And I love the pop of Pink the Candy Doll shoes add to the outfit!
I finished off the post with some Marijuana Accessories for Bad unicorn and the Pizza is from Peaches!




Style Creds 

Hair – Tableau Vivant- Editorial laying Blondes (GACHA) – HERE
Glasses – [Atomic]- Round Cat-Eyes RETRO  @ Summerfest – MP Store 
Bikini – Casadel @ Cosmopolitan –  MP Store
Heels – Candydoll- Tricky Heels – Pink – HERE
Head/Applier – Genesis Lab Flor Bento Head w. Flor Cappuccino Applier (GACHA) HERE
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body- HERE

Pool – Astralia @ Summerfest  – Main Store
Towel/Lips – Australia (Gacha) – HERE
Pizza – Peaches (GACHA) – HERE
Weed Accessories -Bad Unicorn (GACHA) – HERE


Thank you for stopping by!




~All That and a Bag of Potato Chips~

Neon New Wave


I low key have been obsessed with the 80’s since I was a Kid. I remember watching my sister get ready to go to her first dance when she was 13 in 1989 when I was three. the smell of hairspray and the feeling of her blue crushed velvet dress still stick with me.

The 80s was a time of excess, flamboyance, and lots and lots of makeup. WE all know i am a  MAKEUP ADDICT and i mean the makeup back then was so excessive! So When i went to the Hair Fair and Saw this AMAZING freebie hair from Astrology I new I needed to do an 80s post!

The earrings from ZsaZsa made this outfit totally Bangin and they were also free! UMM thats legit the Bombdigity!

Now I feel Deadly!

time to jet!




Clock the Outfit, check the Mug<3

Jacket – GizzA- Thea Embellishes Set (Jacket) Purple – HERE
Panties – Addams – Cecilia lace Nightgown Rare N*3 (GACHA) – HERE
Shoes – REIGN- Daisy Plats  – HERE
Earrings – ZsaZsa-Pineapple Earings  Currently Free @ HAIR FAIR – MAINSTORE
Hair – Astrology- Whats good Kelly -Currently Free  @  HAIR FAIR

Applier – Glam Affair – ALBA JAMAICA 01(GACHA) – HERE

Neon Sign – Peaches – HERE

Lipstick – Izzies – Powder pack MAY – HERE

Eyeshadow – Zibska – Powder Pack April – HERE





Featuring the Beautiful Captain Juliette Sparrow ❤

Lets Drink to US!


ERMAGERD! I am so excited for the weekend. its Canada Day this weekend as I mentioned yesterday so i actually get to venture past my keyboard and hang out with some of my closest friends in real life. My bestie in RL just turned thirty so its gonna be wild.

Basically we are gonna drink until we forget we aren’t 19 anymore. I am sure I will be regretting it come Sunday.

Friends in general are always something someone needs. Everyone needs someone to confide in, laugh with, someone who will pick you up when your down, and get white girl wasted and not judge you the next day for what you did. Friendship isn’t about forcing anything, or impressing anyone, its about creating a strong bond where there is nothing but support and memories. Never ever forget this.

Friends are important and the AMAZING Juliet has been a friend of mine for many many many years. Her amazing bubbly attitude and willingness to always helps really makes her one of my most precious GEMS! Thank you Juliet for being such an AMAZING Friend, Mother and Person in General. You are the Disney princess to my Villainous Dark Side  Here is to many more nights of us dancing on bars, clubbing in our undies and Laughing. Love you Bish!

Check our Juliet here—-> Juliet’s FLIKR

Make sure you have a shot or two this weekend with me… at least in Spirit!






Style Creds:


Dress – DeadDollz – HERE
Shoes – N-Core – HERE
Necklace – Lagyo – HERE
hair – DOUX – HERE
Body – Maitreya – HERE
Head/Applier – Genesis Lab (GACHA) – HERE


Dress – Foxes – HERE
Hair – Truth – HERE
Body – Maitreya – HERE
Applier – Glam Affair – HERE

Build – DRD (GACHA) – HERE
Stools – Belle Poses – HERE




~Don’t Tell Your Mother~

Cool for the Summer

Hey there Blogger friends!

Thank you all so much for following me, you have no idea how happy it makes me! Actually makes me so Happy I decided to Do a much happier bright Fun colored post, Inspired by these AMAZING Earrings from ::NOIR::.

Listen Linda, you know these are cute, don’t Deny it!

I am slowly prepping myself for the weekend as my liver is gonna hate me as its CANADA’S 150th BIRTHDAY! Woot Woot! So that means RIP my Liver.

Anyways thanks for brightening up my day ^.^



Style Creds:

OMg Earings – ::NOIR:: – Currently at Collabor 88 –> HERE and if you’re late —> Mainstore
Hair – Little Bones —>Mainstore
Glasses – Bens Beauty —> Mainstore
Dress – #Evani —>Mainstore
Shoes – Hucci —>Mainstore
Bag – Ryvolter —->Mainstore
Watch – AURORA (GACHA) —>Marketplace
Rings – *KATE* – Mainstore
Head.Appliers – GenesisLab (GACHA) – Mainstore
Body – Maitreya – Mainstore

Thank you For All the Love and to the Designers for the Inspo